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Six Game-Changing Video Analytics Surveillance

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Video analytics for video surveillance applications have advanced substantially in recent years thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and considerable breakthroughs in machine learning. For a number of intrusion and access control applications, such as counting people at events, automatic license plate recognition, intrusion detection, and much more, recent developments in both video surveillance hardware and video surveillance software have been game-changing.

We'll look at six of the most popular video analytics for video surveillance systems on the market right now.

1. People Counting

Depending on the application, people counting video analytics provide a number of benefits to the user. Retail stores often employ the technology for consumer analytics, queue management, building management, and to address security concerns associated with people movement. This type of analysis can aid organizations in crowd control by providing a real-time estimated crowd count and triggering an alarm when a threshold is achieved or exceeded.

Other applications include:

  • Counting the number of persons who travel through a specific location on a daily basis

  • Identifying the regular flow of people based on the weekday and time of day

  • Creating warnings in the event of anomalous foot traffic, such as long lineups, a sudden increase or reduction in pedestrian activity, and potentially dangerous circumstances involving huge crowds.

2. Vehicle Detection

Vehicle direction detection and counting analytics have a number of applications that are useful to users. Metered parking lots, parking garages, and major thoroughfares or roads are all excellent applications. Users can detect if a car is driving in the wrong direction when entering a gated parking lot or count how many cars enter and exit a parking garage. This video analytic camera can also determine if a car is travelling the wrong way on a highway or monitor traffic congestion in real time at any time of day.

3. License Plate Recognition

The video analytic for license plate recognition can detect, read, and store video of a car's license plate. This feature can be used to keep track of traffic in parking lots and security entries that are guarded. Touchless access control in parking structures and lots is a popular use. A camera installed at the entrance gate can automatically record the license plate of an approaching car and compare it to a database of allowed guests. The gate opens and permits the car to enter if the recorded license plate is found in the database.

This video analysis can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Physical security for restricted and off-limits regions, such as research facilities, military sites, and business activities involving high-value, sensitive, and/or possibly dangerous commodities and materials

  • The vehicle of a known suspect is being tracked.

  • Finding a stolen vehicle or a vehicle that has been involved in a crime are both difficult tasks.

  • Performing parking enforcement operations

4. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition, which uses a person's face to identify or authenticate their identity, can be employed in a range of circumstances and locations. To identify suspects or criminals, law enforcement can compare a person's face to one or more recognition databases. This video analysis can be used by airports to identify travelers for security and to cut wait times. This functionality can be utilized by retail businesses to detect when a known shoplifter or a person with a history of fraud enters the establishment.

Other applications include:

  • Keeping track of student attendance in schools or staff attendance in offices is a common practice.

  • Finding people that have gone missing

  • Controlling the border

  • For government buildings or corporate offices, access control is necessary.

5. Detection of intrusion

When an offender enters a secured space, the security camera can detect it via intrusion detection. It can then send an alert to the operator, informing them of the violation. This feature may allow the user to apply a pre-selected zone in which human movement entering and/or exiting the zone can be detected. This capability may detect suspicious activities at any time of day or night, in indoor areas with poor or inconsistent lighting, and in any weather condition.

6. Detection of objects

Non-human things are detected using this form of video analysis. This function can be used to detect if an undesirable or suspect object is left behind in a pre-defined zone, such as suspicious luggage in an airport or an out-of-place rucksack at a major sporting event. Recognition algorithms can also be designed to determine if a certain object, such as a painting on a museum wall, has been relocated or totally removed from the defined area. Depending on the application and setting or environment, this analytic has a variety of other applications.

You may deliver comprehensive video analytics solutions to your customers with a video surveillance setup that comprises the correct combination of cameras, monitors, and video recorders. These solutions can be incredibly valuable for their real-world applications.

The new capability of video surveillance to reduce threats and risk has been dramatically enhanced by the introduction of intelligent behavioral analytics. It's possible to use the vast and growing pool of surveillance video to make the world a safer place by identifying events of interest based on behavior and autonomously alerting security personnel with actionable insights.

Want to see these game changer analytics in action? Contact our representatives now and get to more about Speco Technologies cameras and recorders in demo!

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